Thursday 19 April 2012

Drink Shop & Do

If your creative streak is brought on by a few cocktails, you can unleash your inner talents on a Papier-mâché balloon or play with clay, all whilst deciding to buy the table your sitting at - if you so wish - at Drink Shop & Do. The concept is quite literally drink shop & do - with tea, cake and sweet inspired cocktails, handmade & vintage pieces up for sale and the all important 'do's, which range from learning how to knit to building your own Lego robot. We had 'Afternoon Tea With A Kick' which included a selection of finger sandwiches, some yummy cakes & a whole tray of tangy sweets - along with a satisfyingly sugary cocktail, which all in all is enough to give anyone diabetes... Perhaps we should go home and eat some vegetables!

'The Sherbet One' 'Coconut Ice' 'Raspberry Dream' & 'Georgie Porgy'

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