Wednesday 4 April 2012

NYC Diaries - Jacobs-Ville

As a self confessed Marc by Marc Jacobs addict, one of the top things on my NYC to do list was to visit the 7 glorious stores, all within a 3 block radius of each other, around pretty Bleecker street - which the locals have coined 'Jacobs-Ville.' We oohed and ahhed and ended up going past friendship stage with the changing room.  I fell ever so slightly in love with a twilight blue silk Finch Charm Print skirt, although Beth, my ever honest personal stylist, didn't think it fit me quite right. Reluctantly, I tore myself away from longingly staring in the mirror and left it sitting on the 'no thank you rack'

Skip to later that night, post dinner browsing at Forever 21 in Times Square (why are all shops not open til 1am??) and through my sleepy Virgils induced food/cocktail coma I spot a little blue finch-printed skirt hanging all on its own. It was fate - I had to try on the sneaky little wannabe Marc. It had the Beth seal of approval and at $30 rather than $300, my credit card was almost as happy as I was...

    Beth in the real Marc                                                     Emily in the 'almost' Marc

some other Marc goodies from Jacobs-Ville

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