Friday 6 April 2012

NYC Diaries - XOXO Gossip Girl

As die hard Gossip Girl fans, we couldn't pass up the chance to see where our beloved Upper-East siders live, shop and cause scandal. From Constance & St. Jude's to Blair's 5th Avenue apartment, all whilst being shown clips from the episodes, it was enough to send tingles of excitement from the top of our Bendel's headbands right down to our freshly manicured toes.
With time for photo ops at various locations, including the three-floor sweet heaven of Dylan's Candy Bar (owned by the daughter of Ralph Lauren), Henri Bendel's (where Blair buys her iconic headbands), Chuck spotting at the Empire Hotel and the instantly recognisable Met steps, where S & B used to eat lunch. 
Our enthusiastic tour guide, who had worked as a stand-in on the show - basically a stunt double without any stunts, think back of head shots - was able to give us some insider info and gossip on the cast.
It's safe to say we spent the rest of our trip imagining we were Blair and Serena. You know you love me.. XOXO

Living out our S & B fantasies

The 'Famous Favourites' cabinet at Dylan's Candy Bar lists the favourite sweets of NYC's famous faces. 

The High Line

Bendel's - Headband heaven

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