Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Strawberry Sisters Strawberry Necklaces

We've fallen slightly in love with these strawberry necklaces...
they look almost good enough to eat!

Monday, 28 May 2012


Our New York withdrawal symptoms range from obsessively checking flights to hot dog fuelled Gossip Girl marathons.
Occasionally when the going gets tough, there's no cure like a slider: yummy, juicy, cheesy bite-sized mouthfuls of perfection.
We headed over to Spuntino in Soho which has been dubbed 'London's best Brooklyn diner' for our fix.

Propped up against the bar, amid the distressed tiles and low hanging light fixtures, the small plates mean you can confidentally order the majority of the menu. We decided upon the truffled egg toast (swoon) and a tangle of shoestring fries along with both the pulled pork and ground beef & bone marrow sliders.
Finished off with a strawberry and coconut mess we left ready to pop with very big smiles..

Complimentary chilli popcorn is served to ease the inevitable stomach rumbles mid menu perusal,
similar to The Gilbert Scott 

Shhhh there's also a secret off-menu burger, slightly larger and available with or without cheese - the 'Spuntino Burger'

Dress: Topshop, Bag: Accessorize          
Dress: Miss Selfridge, Yankee Jersey: Victoria's Secret, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Nails: Strawberry Sisters - yeah we just wanted to say that!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunny Sunday

We made the most of the London sun this weekend by attempting to spend every waking hour outside - from sunbathing in Green Park with plenty of Pimm's and a constant supply of frappuccinos, to long leisurely lunches in the garden. 
After working up an appetite (work defined as walking for longer than five minutes without an ice-cream in hand) we felt we deserved a treat, in the form of a melted box of gooey deliciousness...
We're now slightly sunkissed and a lot more freckley - who doesn't love a mini-heatwave?

Sun-Soaked Baked Camembert

1 Wooden box of Camembert
Salt & pepper
Olive oil

Unwrap the cheese and slice off the top layer before placing it back in the box, season with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a sprinkle of rosemary.
Drizzle with olive oil then bake for 15 - 20 minutes at 200°C until the cheese is bubbly and oozing from the top. 
Serve with crusty bread, prosciutto, sun-dried tomato pesto and a bottle of cold white wine. 
There's a possibility we've died and gone to cheese heaven!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Experimental Cocktail Club

One of Londons best kept secrets is, quite literally, hidden amongst the paper lanterns and dribble-inducing aromas of Chinatown.
No sign, no number, just a deserted looking shopfront complete with a shabby, peeled paint door.
Our first instinct was to run, as fast as we could, in the opposite direction - due to the seemingly likely chance of an axe murderer lurking inside (okay so we may have watched a few too many episodes of CSI) but this was soon replaced with intrigue.. what lies behind the facade? 
Once the inconspicuous door man had checked our names off the list - which was cleverly hidden inside a magazine and after a quick "you go first" "no you go first", we made our way up the staircase and into the unknown...
In a throwback to a true prohibition era speakeasy, the intimate bar is lit by candlelight, adorned with ornate wallpaper and furnished with a mishmash of velvet 'chic antique'. 
As the name suggests, the cocktail list consists of a creative - if slightly unusual mix of concoctions - with certainly no 'sex on the beach' or 'pina colada' in sight.
Our favourite was 'Getafix' which came in a bottle labelled 'magic potion' 
and judging by the taste, there's definitely some sort of magic involved..

'Winter is coming'

'Old Cuban'


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pret A Diner - Italians Do It Better

The Pret A Diner dining experience has seen the prestigious Fifty St. James transform into a breath-taking outdoor basketball court for its latest concept - 'Italians Do It Better'.
Two menus run parallel to each other in a battle between traditional and innovative with
Michelin-starred Giorgio Locatelli behind the traditional side, complimented by his team of five critically acclaimed Italian chefs - who have been challenged with the task of updating the classic dishes with a modern twist. 
It was the attention to detail that brought the whole experience to life, from the menus that were printed inside newspapers to the starters which were served in stamped brown paper bags...
I will be outside kicking and screaming come the end of June, when they'll be packing up and moving on - to fleetingly create culinary magic at a new, very lucky destination...   

The cocktail bar by 69 Colebrooke Row
'Wild Strawberry and Neroli Bellini' &
'The Honeysuckle'

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