Thursday 24 May 2012

The Experimental Cocktail Club

One of Londons best kept secrets is, quite literally, hidden amongst the paper lanterns and dribble-inducing aromas of Chinatown.
No sign, no number, just a deserted looking shopfront complete with a shabby, peeled paint door.
Our first instinct was to run, as fast as we could, in the opposite direction - due to the seemingly likely chance of an axe murderer lurking inside (okay so we may have watched a few too many episodes of CSI) but this was soon replaced with intrigue.. what lies behind the facade? 
Once the inconspicuous door man had checked our names off the list - which was cleverly hidden inside a magazine and after a quick "you go first" "no you go first", we made our way up the staircase and into the unknown...
In a throwback to a true prohibition era speakeasy, the intimate bar is lit by candlelight, adorned with ornate wallpaper and furnished with a mishmash of velvet 'chic antique'. 
As the name suggests, the cocktail list consists of a creative - if slightly unusual mix of concoctions - with certainly no 'sex on the beach' or 'pina colada' in sight.
Our favourite was 'Getafix' which came in a bottle labelled 'magic potion' 
and judging by the taste, there's definitely some sort of magic involved..

'Winter is coming'

'Old Cuban'


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