Tuesday 22 May 2012

Pret A Diner - Italians Do It Better

The Pret A Diner dining experience has seen the prestigious Fifty St. James transform into a breath-taking outdoor basketball court for its latest concept - 'Italians Do It Better'.
Two menus run parallel to each other in a battle between traditional and innovative with
Michelin-starred Giorgio Locatelli behind the traditional side, complimented by his team of five critically acclaimed Italian chefs - who have been challenged with the task of updating the classic dishes with a modern twist. 
It was the attention to detail that brought the whole experience to life, from the menus that were printed inside newspapers to the starters which were served in stamped brown paper bags...
I will be outside kicking and screaming come the end of June, when they'll be packing up and moving on - to fleetingly create culinary magic at a new, very lucky destination...   

The cocktail bar by 69 Colebrooke Row
'Wild Strawberry and Neroli Bellini' &
'The Honeysuckle'

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