Thursday 21 June 2012

The Fringe 2012 - Media Preview

The swankiest of pop-ups has begun life in one of the most prestigious locations of 2012.
A location that most would beg, steal or push of the podium for.
 A mere 10 second sprint for the average Jamaican athlete - smack-bang next to the London Olympic stadium.
The history surrounding the former Victorian stable is one of intrigue.
Born of humble beginnings - being once home to 250 horses each night - the breathtaking space at Swan Wharf has been transformed into a modern masterpiece.
A private members club with attitude, The Fringe bills itself as an exclusive retreat that allows guests to soak up the atmosphere in style.

The four story warehouse has areas designated for food, drink, work & play and includes a champagne bar, coffee lounge and most impressively, a penthouse - complete with floor-to-ceiling views, a private terrace and personal concierge service.
The open-air courtyard will be home to a giant outdoor screen, which will be broadcasting the games - along with what looks to be a mouth-watering array of gourmet street food with added sound effects compliments of the nearby roaring crowds.
We sampled a selection of the scrummy, if rather potent, bespoke cocktails - playfully named 'Ginford Christie' and 'Olympic Orchard', which both left our taste buds in awe.

In the evenings they turn the lights down and the music up, with live DJ's set to start the party, including none other than Dom Chung - who we know is just dying to discuss his sisters latest ensemble.
For an impressive arrival, the brand spanking new 'Water Chariots' can be chartered from Limehouse Marina straight to The Fringe's private pontoon. All aboard for champagne - served straight from the built in coolers. 
Now that's what we call luxury.

glass, glass and more glass make for magnificent views

Ginford Christie

Olympic Orchard

Penthouse views of the Olympic Stadium
...can we live here?

Tickets for The Fringe can be purchased via the website here and start from £150 for a day ticket and £40 for a night ticket.

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