Monday 25 June 2012


Dreams of falling supposedly mean you've lost control in a certain aspect of your life, while flying dreams are often associated with the feeling of freedom.
 Dreams of dancing burgers however, usually indicate a recent visit to MEATmarket and the carnivorous cravings that follow soon after.
Consequently, it wasn't long before an afternoon of Oxford Street shopping turned into a frenzy-fuelled dash to the conveniently close MEATliquor - the bona fide restaurant within Yianni's burger empire.
Swap the bright lights for dark and moody
& the shakes for cocktails..
and you have the perfect place to linger over your hunky pattie of a date.
Which we did.
So if you will excuse us, we have plans in the land of nod and some dancing burgers to attend to!

 Henrietta Fizz & Paloma

File under : food porn

Whoppers of onion rings

N.B require two hands and the ability to dislocate jaw.

Quack Pie

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