Monday 23 July 2012

Bray - The Hinds Head

We couldn't leave Bray without a visit to Heston's second restaurant, The Hinds Head.
The more relaxed little brother of The Fat Duck, with the ambience of a local village pub, situated within a picturesque 15th-century building.
Portraits pay homage to famous visitors including Walt Disney and Queen Elizabeth II.
 It is also rumoured that Prince Phillip held his stag night at The Hinds Head before his marriage to the Queen in 1947.
Heston has focused the menu around historic British dishes and the scotch eggs are stuff dreams are made of. As featured on 'How To Cook Like Heston' the yolk centres are still runny and like nothing I've tasted before. I won't be able to look a Tesco's scotch egg the same way ever again...

The cocktail menu was on par with the food and seriously impressive...

Raspberry Bounty

Pork Belly with Pearl Barley and Wheat Beer

Aberdeenshire Ribeye, Bone Marrow Sauce

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