Saturday 14 July 2012


We like to think of ourselves as burger connoisseurs.
Our juicy indulgence of choice, grilled guilty pleasure and fail-safe menu option - when presented with the choice of a burger, we find it hard to say no.
We are however somewhat of burger snobs,
if it's not perfect we're not happy.
Soggy buns, dry meat and too little cheese are as much of a cardinal sin as burning a Birkin in our books.
Two chefs that have managed to escape the fate of eternal damnation are Matt Bishop and the mysterious 'Dr Fatt'. With twenty years of Michelin-starred cooking between them and a shared interest in creating burger sublimity, 'Fattburger' was born.
Inspired by a recent trip to LA where they became fans of the popular fast food chain In-N-Out, the offerings are slim, rich and incredibly tasty. 
Taking up residency in the most unassuming of locations, The Sun & 13 Cantons, for three months over the summer - with a menu to rival that of MEATliquor, we headed down to try out our namesake. We are Fatt Piggies after all...

 The 'Fatt Coq' chicken burger

  The 'Fatt Piggy Burger' Comté cheese, avocado, mayo and lots of bacon

We've been reliably informed that the identity of Dr Fatt will be revealed in due course, we're placing our bets on who he/she might be...

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