Friday 6 July 2012

Fourth of July - Brooklyn Bite

As self-confessed wannabe New Yawkers, we took our freshly painted nails and best US accents to 'Brooklyn Bite' - Chelsea's newly opened basement cocktail lounge & NYC style Pizzeria for Independence Day celebrations...
Bringing a slice of The Big Apple to the King's road with their 18" eccentrically named, cripsy-based offerings - 'Benny Blanco from the Bronx' anyone? the only thing missing is a Victoria's Secret next door and the silhouette of the Empire State Building in the distance.

The downstairs speakeasy style bar, buzzing with Chelsea's glitterati, is the place to grab a cocktail and pizza by the slice. 
Our favourite drink was 'The Quila' - deliciously refreshing with a citrus kick.

Chelsea Fetish - Champagne, Cognac, Angostura Bitters, sugar cube
The Quila - Cabrito Blanco Tequila and Friche Grapefruit Soda

Mozzarella sticks 

Fugetaboutit - red sauce, mozzarella, pancetta, ham, pepperoni, salami

Sleep with the fish - red sauce, mozzarella, fried calamari

Special Fourth of July Shot - peach liqueur, grenadine & blue curacao

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