Friday 27 July 2012

Margaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs is widely regarded as the Queen of Pedicures, celebrated by professionals and celebrities alike, if she can't sort out your tootsies, no one can.
We visited her Marylebone village salon for a pre-holiday pamper, in the hope that our poor neglected feet would walk out baby-soft and sparkly.
These pedicures aren't just the usual five minute buff, file and a slather of moisturiser - every last inch of hard skin is blitz and sanded by the white-coated podiatrists.
The medical procedure focuses as much on foot and nail health as it does the aesthetic appearance - problem areas can be identified and treated in house with advice given to ensure feet stay in tip-top condition.

A variety of buzzing and drilling sounds from a whole host of tools, while at first nerve-wracking, are completely painless - if a little tickly...

Once the podiarist has worked their magic, you can then opt for a more traditional massage and colour - with varnishes from our favourite brand Rococo.
We can't stop looking down at our freshly preened pretties and wiggling our toes at passers by!
Ms Dabbs also has a spa at Liberty and Harrods...
Shopping AND pampering

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