Thursday 12 July 2012

Strawberry Sisters Strawberry Picking

The Strawberry Sisters spent yesterday, befittingly, prancing round strawberry fields plucking our own deliciously ripe, juicy red fruits.
There is no strawberry like one that is sun-drenched, picked from the plant and popped straight into your mouth! Cheesy grins and juice dribbling-down-chin optional.
One for us, one for our basket. On second thoughts scrap the basket....
An idyllic trip to the English countryside? Guess again. Bloom Gin has recreated their Master Distillers favourite childhood memory in not-so-sunny Central London, for a 3 day pop-up experience - to celebrate our new favourite tipple. Strawberry G&Ts are on the house and where better place to drink them than slumped on a stack of hay?

Bloom contains a number of floral botanicals, such as honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile  - which help create a smooth, fruity G&T. 
Annnd the bottle's pretty.
If it's good enough for Her Maj...

Dress: Forever 21
Dress: Miss Selfridge Scarf: Topshop

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