Thursday 30 August 2012

Bubbledogs &

We've been rocking back and forth with excitement since hearing the words 'hot dogs' and 'champagne' mentioned in one utterance - joined together with that all important little beauty of a conjunction 'and'. Two of our very favourite things in one place? 
Sandia Chang and hubby chef James Knappett must have been analysing our dreams again because this, dear reader, is our ultimate combination. Decadent yet dirty? Fast food with class? A chance meeting between an ice-bucket and a bottle of squeezy ketchup? 
Like good little sausage fiends, we wormed our way through the opening night crowds and managed to bagsy one of the highly sought after tables to find out.

Bubbledogs dawgs are a far cry from the usual tinned frankfurters, these are hot dogs of the gourmet variety. Perfectly portioned, as we were told, so that those indecisive among us could comfortably order two. 
We had the BLT with truffle mayo and the Fourth of July, which came loaded with bacon, smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw. We couldn't say no to a side order of tater tots (which they have to have specially shipped to the UK) in honour of our dancing idol, Napoleon Dynamite - so yes, tots may have been smooshed into pockets...

After emptying a few glasses of champagne, we decided to go for round two and at our servers recommendation, opted for a helping of cheese whizz with sweet potato fries. 
Cheese whizz to the uninitiated is melty molten American cheese that's designed for dunking! So dunk we did. If the bowl had been a little bigger we would have seriously considered dunking ourselves in, it was that good. 
The shared tables are perfect for mingling and we made hot dog friends with a foodie photographer and the beautifully beehived T.V. chef Gizzi Erskine. We evennn managed to shake hands with co-owner Karam Sethi whose first venture, Trishna, has been immortalised as one of the hot dog flavours. 

Thank you Coco for the prettiest dress in the WORLD!

The whole experience was heightened by Bubbledog's Rebecca, who was almost as bubbly as the grower champagne. Thanks Rebecca! She got us to sign the guestbook so we felt like part of the Bubbledog family!!
As if all this wasn't exciting enough, behind a little curtain at the back of the wooden panelled room is James Knappetts kitchen table, where intimate lunches and dinners will be hosted with guests in prime position to watch the magic happen. 
Hot dogs & champagne, champagne & hot dogs, we think this is true love... 

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