Monday, 6 August 2012

Budapest Diaries Part 1 - Palazzo Zichy

The holiday blues are well and truly kicking in after a long weekend in one of our favourite cities.
In our opinion, Budapest is the perfect hybrid of Paris and Rome, without the price tag that inevitably comes with the aforementioned well trodden tourist trails.
It's buzzing squares are jam packed with pretty cafes and dotted with flowing fountains -which lead to designer boutiques down postcard-perfect tree lined boulevards. 
At every turn you're met with beautiful buildings and imposing architecture to rival that of it's more famous European neighbours,
Eiffel Tower, Schmieffel Tower!
The sweltering temperatures mean that most don't make it further than the nearest gelato stand or opt to kick back bikini clad in one of the cities famous outdoor baths.
In fact, the only thing we didn't like was a sign that we came across on the metro...
No burgers! How very dare they.

We stayed at Palazzo Zichy, popular for it's central location, modern design within a grand old palace - and its breakfast.
Now, where do we begin with breakfast?
Bacon, sausages, eggs every which way, a bakery sized bread and pastry selection, fruits, salads, enough different juices to rehydrate the Sahara Desert AND champagne.
Bucks fizz with our pain au chocolat?
We're sold!

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