Thursday 16 August 2012

Festival Style: Flower Crown

It might not be the 24th December but it certainly feels like it. We're MUCH too excited to sleep so have taken to skipping around the living room in our wellies whilst furiously checking the weather forecast.

Tomorrow, after awaking to glorious sunshine (please please please!) we will be Wildfox clad and on our way to Hylands Park for a weekend of V Festival frolics - and as you can't go to a festival without the obligitary flower crown, we've got our craft on and made our very own...

What you will need:

floral wire
floral tape
artifical flowers
wire cutters

Wrap the floral wire - which can be found in any garden center - around your own head in order to find the desired length of the crown. Then wrap the wire around itself 3-4 times to ensure a study base. To join these together wrap a separate piece of wire around the others for a neat finish. Alternatively if you like dressing up as a fairy as much as we do and have a spare tiara, this works just as well.

Cut all flowers with the wire cutters so that only around 2 inches of the stem remains.

Take the first flower and place it with the stem laying across the wire...

Cut a length of wire around 10 inches long, wrap this around the stem and wire tightly so they are connected and firmly in place.

Repeat until the front section is completely covered with flowers.

When you are satisfied with your flower placements, use the floral tape to cover exposed wire at the back of the crown as well as covering wire ends around the rest of the crown.

Here's one we made earlier!

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