Friday 7 September 2012

50 Years of Rock n' Roll - Ronnie Wood

We were invited to the new London show room 'Symbolic London' for the 50 year retrospective of Ronnie Wood. We loved his paintings and boogie woogying to The Rolling Stones on the retro cassette player, 1982 what an oldie! We even made friends with Bruiser Woods, awwww...
So sophisticated Mon Chéri!

Paintings by Ronnie Wood of his Rolling Stones band mates

Beth the Rock and Roll Queen!

Jeff Koons: Rolling Stones 40 Licks World Tour

Andy Warhol: Mick Jagger - can anyone lend us £35,000? We'll pay you back, promise!

Hi Bernie Chase and Ronnie Wood!

Emily: Dress: Traffic People, Scarf: I Love Kate
Beth: Dress: Forever 21

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