Monday, 3 September 2012

Butternut Squash Fries

We're usually drawn to the Food Network for the indulgently naughty, screen-lickingly good shows such as Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, Man V. Food and Cupcake Wars.
 Recently however, an entirely different breed of food show has kept us flicking over to 262 and they've been (gasp!) of the healthy variety. Series solely aimed at substituting the 'bad' (and deliciously tasty) for the 'good' and wait for it, still deliciously tasty! 
Vowing to be become a teensy bit healthier - that will be cupcakes every other day then, we thought we'd give one of the 'healthy recipes' a whirl. 
Swapping potatoes for butternut squash means just 100 calories per serving (half a squash) compared to 500 for an average portion of regular chips.
Those clever little squashes are also full of potassium, folate & carotenoids to keep our hearts healthy, vitamin C and even have an anti-inflammatory effect.
In Strawberry Sister language that means we don't have to feel guilty for ordering another glass of fizz...

What You'll Need
One Butternut Squash
Olive Oil (we used Fry Light - only one calorie per spray!)
Optional Dip: Ketchup

Preheat the oven to 200oC and place the butternut squash onto a chopping board.

(Carefully) Slice off each end of the butternut squash.
Repeat after us... *I am not Rambo*

Then cut the squash in half at its narrowest point, before cutting again across the bulge half - this time length ways.

Scoop out all the seeds using a spoon.

After this, peel all the different segments of the butternut squash...


To conclude the prepping stages, cut the freshly peeled squash pieces into chip-like shapes.

Using the olive oil spray (or foil is you prefer) coat the base of a baking tray...

Place in the fries and blot with kitchen roll to remove excess moisture before adding another coat of olive oil spray. Then add salt to taste.

Leave in the oven for twenty minutes before carefully flipping and cooking for another twenty minutes until your chips are nice and crispy! Finally enjoy with a big dollop of ketchup!

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