Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Grandad's Hammy Eggy Cheesy

Now this isn't Michelin starred, fancy or even remotely envelope-pushing, it is however our comfort food. 
We used to have Grandad's Hammy Eggy Cheesy for breakfast each weekend and it's one of our earliest foodie memories.
Served with an ice cold glass of milk, which we slurped through twisty straws from our oh-so-sophisticated Sesame Street cups, we gobbled up our generous helpings whilst mulling over all-important topics such as who was our favourite Spice Girl and which dolly would like a spoonful of cheese.
Our Grandad worked as a Naval Chef and for the duration of the Second World War called a teeny minesweeper kitchen in the Far East, home.
Understandably, food was hard to come by and the limited storage on board meant space for only the most essential supplies.
Wanting to boost morale, he strived to create interesting and varied meals which gave the crew a taste of England.
The role called for creativity, using scraps as ingredients and serving up flavours that weren't perceived as classical combinations.
'Hammy Eggy Cheesy' was the one they asked for again and again...

Start by toasting your favourite bread.
 Controversially, grated cheese goes on next - no 'light sprinkling' on top here! 
Be liberal, embrace your inner cheese monster.
The next layer is ham, preferably thick cut from the butchers.
Last but not least, a fried egg, or poached for a little extra pizazz.

An authentic Hammy Eggy Cheesy has to be finished with a chocolate biscuit.
Because if your grandparents can't give you biscuits for breakfast then who can?



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