Tuesday 18 September 2012

London Fashion Week S/S 13 Day Two

After far too little sleep, we were rudely interrupted from taking our seats next to Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo on the FROW by the sound of our alarm. 
Running on excitement, we got ready in a flurry of all-important outfit decisions and wardrobe explosions (!) whilst scoffing our faces with an oh-so-healthy breakfast of goodie bag popcorn to-go, washed down with buckets of caffeine.
Heading to an exceptionally quiet St Paul's for the first show of the morning, Clements Ribeiro, we put on our fashion girl uniform - sunglasses and a nonchalant look - and stepped back into the LFW bubble.

"Reporting from Fashion's Front Line" - The LFW Daily...
A summary of the previous days shows and the best of fashion week street style.
In other words, our kind of paper.

Scuttling around London requires a generous amount of whipped cream.

According to the age old saying (& I'm A Celeb favourite Gillian McKeith), 
'You are what you eat'.
Unfortunately for us, we don't eat green giant sweetcorn -
we eat burgers.

Beth catching up on the fashion worlds front page news!

Hi Miquita Oliver!
We're ready for our close up...

Miquita Oliver and t.v stylist Mark Heyes on the front row

The Goldsmiths' Hall setting was almost as pretty as the clothes,
 anywhere dripping in chandeliers and gold pillars has a big tick in our (princess) book.
Jelly shoes, rainbow stripes accentuating monochrome, beaded collars and beautiful prints make for a quirky yet elegant S/S collection.

What happens when you get bored of Vitamin Water?
You head to The May Fair, silly!
With a range of designer cocktails and a continuous live stream of the shows there's no better place to compile those fashionable thoughts!

With big smiles and full bellies it was back to Vauxhall Fashion Scout for the Manuela Dack Salon Show.

The luxurious silks and satins looked soft enough to stroke and swished & swooshed around the models - who where wearing jellies again! We do love jellies...
We also loved the DJ! Hooray for Manuela!

Our third and final show of the day was Melissa Diamantidi...

Structured pieces, predominately in blocked black and white and erring on the side of space age, were softened by accents of blue sheer fabric. Uh oh more to add to our ever-lengthening wish list!

The most sensible goodie bag of them all, including compeed blister patches and Berocca!

For now our fashion bubble has been popped and we'll be swapping catwalks for customers and the usual 9-5.
But now we've been bitten we will be back - until then we have at least a months supply of Vitamin Water to tide us over!

Emily: Dress: Local Celebrity, Bag: Hannah Havanah, Sunglasses: Topshop
Beth: Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Top: Topshop, Kimono: Miss Selfridge

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