Thursday 20 September 2012

Mercedes Drive-Thru, LFW S/S 13

It's no secret we love burgers.
It's also no secret that we can't turn down anything of the sugary variety -
we blame our Grandads master baking for our sweet teeth and penchant for doughnuts.
Sprinkled, jam-filled, glazed, chocolately, iced, even the occasional custard.
Oh, and meaty.
Today's a very special day.
Today we had a doughnut burger.

When we heard those clever chaps Bompas and Parr had joined forces with The Avant/Garde Diaries to create a temporary drive-thru restaurant for LFW - think retro roller disco meets McDonalds on laughing gas - we couldn't wait to get our fast food fix.
We followed our noses to Selfridges car park where we were ushered through the darkened pedestrian entrance to be met by bright lights, a revolving dining area and the skating 'doughnuteers'.
The true definition of food on the move...

Our 'Big Mercs' - see what they did there? were served in boxes with a big bunch of globe grapes and a soda. We were asked if we would like to 'Merc up' our soda with gin.
We said yes please.

The Big Merc
'Perfection between two doughnut buns'

So wrong it's right...

 As if the skating, spinning and sugary deliciousness wasn't exciting enough, there was a Mercedes dressed up as a cheese trolley.

 We've already been eyeing up Krispy Kremes and wondering if we can get away with 'accidentally' mistaking them for burger buns...

Just don't lick your lips until the end!

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