Saturday 29 September 2012

Slider Bar

There's something magical about miniature food.
Whether it's cocktail sausages that send us straight back to our childhood birthday parties or fancy canapés that disappear as soon as they emerge from the kitchen, we always find that dinky versions are much tastier than their full-sized counterparts.
After the impossibly amazing, wrong in all the right ways 'Big Mercs' at London Fashion Week, we didn't think we'd be proclaiming our love for any other burger any time soon. 
After all, surely anything that didn't leave us with sugary lips would pale in comparison?
Oh how wrong we could be.
We hadn't been to Slider Bar.
 Also known as "Honey, I shrunk Lucky Chip"!


An inconspicuous entrance leads to the low-lit basement bar of The Player members club. Reminiscent of an American High School cafeteria, with eclectic living room elements such as old black and white flickering t.v sets, squishy leather seats and the resident moose's head - whose main job is to oversee the cheese-fuelled antics beneath him.

The scrummy sliders can be mixed and matched to your hearts content, although we would happily eat the double cheese for every single meal.
As well as cocktails, the menu has a range of deliciously decadent 'Grown up floats'.
Vanilla Ice Cream, Coca-Cola and Bacardi 8 Year Old Rum.
Thick, creamy and utterly divine.
Need we say any more?

Desserts here deserve their own spotlight.
Not wanting to be outshone by its meaty alter ego, the Ice Cream burger is just short of perfection. As we opened the lid of the intricate takeaway box we were expecting to see scoops of Ice Cream that vaguely resembled a slider...

We were wrong, again.
We thought there'd been a mistake, it looked like an actual burger.
But tasted like Ice Cream!

We also couldn't resist the chance to play with our food and jumped to try the 'Build Your Own Sundae'. Mr Whippy ice-cream, candyfloss & bubblegum sauce and little pots of magic.
Pizza Hut Ice Cream factory eat your heart out.

We're already planning our next trip to try out the appetizer menu of classy KFC and posh fish and chips...

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