Sunday 28 October 2012

Bloggers Battery Juice

Has writing a post ever kept you up so late that your eyes begin to fuzz?
So fuzzy that with each blink your eyes stay closed for a little while longer,
 resulting in daydreams of taping them open Tom & Jerry style?
Do you ever feel that your ability to form literate sentences disappears, 
or that your creativity dries up, leaving you staring at a blank page?
That with a final boost of energy you could be high-fiving yourself with a finished post,
that's so your best one yet?
Bloggers this one's for you!

We quite often find ourselves a little bit distracted (usually by Gossip Girl or twitter or Sam Pepper on YouTube or... er, you get the picture) and seriously suffering from a self diagnosed case of 'bloggers block'.
Our cure? 
A late night, sugary, pick-me-up - served in a Camera Lens cup, obviously...

1 mug of milky coffee, left to cool
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons caramel sauce
125ml milk
enough ice to fill your blender
whipped cream

Fill your blender with ice, then pour in the coffee, milk, sugar and sauce.

Blend until smooth.

Serve generously, you'll want more, trust us...

Squirt on the whipped cream and finish with extra caramel sauce.

Caffeine fix, check.
Tiara, check...
blogger batteries recharged!

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