Friday 12 October 2012



  1. The old Bollywood sound effect produced when a hero lands a good punch, or when a bullet flies through the air.

Heaving traffic under a thick layer of exhaust fumes and humidity.
Rickshaws darting between cows, humans and bicycles, avoiding the vehicle that has stopped for no apparent reason.
A distinctive sea of black and yellow taxicabs and unanimously honking horns.
Pristine saris, arms adorned with glass bangles of every colour, foreheads with sparkling jewelled bindis.
Street vendors driving hard bargains, filling the air with exotic scents.
Gleeful children playing cricket at every turn.
Beautiful old buildings next to sprawling slums.
A feast for the senses, as well as the stomach.
 All-day Bombay cafés are the epitome of traditional Bombay life.
'Their faded elegance welcomed all - rich businessmen, sweaty taxi-wallahs and courting couples. Fans turned slowly. Students had breakfast. Families dined. Lawyers read briefs. Writers found their characters.'
Itching to jump on a plane for a spot of culture and a cup of chai?
There's no need, we've got our very own Bombay café in London.
And there's not a Chicken Korma in sight...

Priya's Global Desi dress and pretty bindi all the way from India!!

Yummy Bollybellinis...

Bombay Colada

Bombay Pimm's

Chilli Martini

Pretty Priya! Drinking her Chaijito...

Far Far


Cheese Naan

Spicy Lamb Chops

Gunpowder Potatoes

Thums Up Float... India's version of Coca Cola! mmmm YUM! 

Malai Kulfi on a stick 

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