Sunday 21 October 2012

DIY Miu Miu's

Put your hand up if you love anything sparkly,
keep them up if glitter is your favourite colour and if shiny jewels float your boat!
We've been drooling over Miu Miu's glitter sneakers since they first hit the
runways last year, but with a price tag containing one too many zeros (boo!) we thought we'd dust off the glitter glue and get our craft on for a little DIY...

We managed to find a similar glittery pair in H&M to use as our base. To help sprinkle them with a little Miu Miu magic we used gold glitter, sparkling glue, gems and gold laces.

If you can't get your hands on sparkling glue, PVA mixed with glitter works just as well.

As we want them to be as similar to the Miu Miu pair as possible, we need more gold and more glitter! We mixed our sparkling glue with a generous amount of gold glitter and then painted them all over...

Next, we had to turn the white section into sparkles. Using super glue we arranged the jewels as close to each other as possible.

We painted all over the top with sparkling glue as an extra seal and to fill in the small gaps.

Finally we threaded through the gold laces and admired the prettiest new addition to our wardrobe!


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