Tuesday 27 November 2012

Festive Fashion

Don't get us wrong, we love to Christmas shop for our family & friends, but sometimes you can't help but throw in a few little festive treats for yours truly - you are only helping to lighten Santa's workload after all!
 With the party season in full swing and our diaries on the verge on spontaneous combustion, (there really aren't enough hours in December to spend as much time as we'd like dedicated to scoffing chocolate oranges whilst watching Elf for the 100th time - or for the obligatory visit (or three!) to Winter Wonderland) - we'd thought we'd treat our wardrobes to a couple of pieces that we hope Mrs Claus herself would be proud of.
Now where's the mince pies?




Dress: Becky B's Wardrobe, shoes: CJG





Jumper & trousers: Miss Selfridge, shoes: Topshop
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