Friday 2 November 2012

We Witch you a Happy Halloween!

Rather than embracing all things that go bump in the night, on Halloween we have another activity at the top of our to-do list...
Scouring the shelves for the most fangtastic of treats and then gobbling them all up in one sitting.
In our opinion, this year, Fortnum & Mason had the most squeel-inducing offerings, including 'Extra Juicy Eyeballs' and a chocolate coffin complete with edible bones.
It's safe to say that we were handing out the Percy Pigs and saving these all to ourselves.
- Enter evil laugh here -

One of our favourite treats had to be the limited edition Candy Corn Oreos, that were quirkily delicious!

We washed everything down with some yummy pumpkin pie soda.
All in all, a feast fit for Hades!

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