Saturday 15 December 2012

Candy Kittens #2

We've told you before how much we love MIC (read: Jamie and Francis) so we jumped - or should that be purred - at the chance to get involved with Candy Kittens. While little Strawberry Sister pardied with Jamie in Loughborough the night before, big Strawberry Sister breakfasted with him the morning after...
cue croissants, muffins, sweets, and more gossip than you could shake a stick (of rock) at!
The sugary empire was dreamt up after childhood visits to Dylan's Candy Bar, along with his passion for girls, sweets and fashion - in that order. His philosophical mantra being 'Why work to make other people rich when you can work to make yourself richer?'. With both sugar and determination running through his veins, Jamie's doing just that.
In fact, the cute-as-puppies pardier had one condition when he was asked to appear on Made In Chelsea - that he could use it as a platform to promote his business. Screaming girls desperate to buy into a slice of the Laing? Check. Even his latest Binky saga hasn't caused a dip in sales.
The brand, like Jamie himself, is fun, playful and not ever planning to grow up - did we mention that his idols are Peter Pan and Willy Wonka?
The Chelsea entrepreneur turns into an excitable school boy when he starts talking about his big plans for the future - think Candy Kitten stores with slides instead of stairs, giant ball-pits, barrel after barrel of pick'n'mix,
oh and world domination...





Jamie, who can't live without his Acne Jeans and A.P.C Tshirts, is quite the fashion guru. He takes inspiration from other adolescent-centric brands, such as the ever popular Victoria's Secret PINK and Abercrombie and Fitch, when working on ideas for the Candy Kitten line. The best sellers are none other than his 'Pardy' pants. Will he be modelling a pair? Probably, after all he has the Candy Kitten's logo tattooed on his hip!



yeaboi (2)

Despite being aimed at girls of around the 14 year old mark, more than a few pieces caught our eye - after all, as a loveable blonde once put it "where's the fun in growing up?!"






Millie has her eyelashes, Louise has 'Pocket London', Spenny boi's just released a clothing line branded 'PUG', Proudlock has his T-Shirts, Francis his book, Gabriella her, ahem, singing career... but the King Candy K is creating a pink-hued empire that we think (and hope!) will be around for a long, long time - and if that's not a reason to pardy, we don't know what is!

All together now, soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...






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