Monday 24 December 2012

Monochrome Monday

If like us you're starting to experience glitter overload and have seen enough red and green to last you until next December, we've got a monochrome-hued outfit solution...


From high street to designer, you can't go wrong with the classical elegance of black and white.
A fail safe option no matter the occasion - and one that you can dress up or dress down.
We've put together four different festive looks, that are easy on the cheese and sure to be crackers (insert predictable cracker joke here).
It's no surprise that most of our picks are from our most loved high street stores, however lately we've been finding ourselves drawn to the range of Women's party shoes at Clarks
We know, we know, we're more than aware of the primary school, foot measuring, 'lace-up-chunky-heeled-first-pair-of-shoes' connotations, but their latest offerings are good enough to stand on their own two feet! 
The collection designed by renowned Queen of the high street and fellow strawberry, Mary Portas, adds a twist to the classic Clarks style. Using a simple black palette - with pops of vibrant purple, she has created a footwear range that competes with the likes of 'big fishes' Topshop and Aldo. We know where we'll be heading when we're facing a shoe SOS.
The Charlotte Olympia Domino Clutch has also sneaked it's way onto our Christmas list -
 a spin on our childhood pastime and an item even our grandparents would approve of!
Grown up outfits featuring pretty Clarks and dominos? Yes please!
After all, if there's a day to pretend that you're five years old - it's Christmas!

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