Friday 15 November 2013

Hunger Games: Wish List

Okay, so...
can we just take a second to discuss that Catching Fire comes out
hang on a second while we compose ourselves.
*deep breath*
right, let's continue then.

how better to celebrate this momentous occasion
than with presents to yourselves hey?
(in addition to booking your cinema tickets months in advance and planning the date in your phone calendar and constantly staring at pictures of Liam Hemsworth)
and don't worry guys
we've like totally got every kind of Hunger Games fan covered yo

For the chef...


because cummon, doesn't everyone want to be the cutie patootie that saved Katniss with his baked bread?


wow now!
 there's a whole hunger games cookbook? there is indeed, along with some handy cookie stamps.
who knew?
we did
3. Cookbook/ 4. and 5. Cookie Stamps

For the fashionista...


we might have been creeping on etsy and bought every single hunger games item we could find...
this is just a cheeky sample of our purchases
6./ 7./ 8./ 9.  hunger games inspired jewellery


MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR (or favour if you spell it correctly)
10. t-shirt/ 11. sweatshirt

For the tea lover...


if you want to be a part of the hunger games, we suggest not drinking anything out of these.
but then on the other hand hot chocolate does sound rather nice...
12. and 13. mugs

For the gamer...


for those times in winter when the WiFi signal is weak
14. puzzle/ 15. catching fire board game/ 16. district 12 board game

For the true fan...


just going to put it out there santa
we're like, pretty massive fans of the good old HG. therefore these have made their way onto our xmas list
big thx
17. collector's edition novel/ 18. special edition four disk DVD

For the daredevil...


if you can't help but connect to your inner Katniss/Gale then special hunger games inspired bow and arrows are probably right up your street.
oh yeah and happy Hunger Games

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