Monday, 24 March 2014

Mother's Day Pressies

mothers day is just around the corner and you know what that means
and if your mum is anything like strawberry mummy then she's obsessed with 
now rather than create a completely pink present guide here 
we've gone for splashes of the perf colour to highlight
Mrs. Strawberries four favourite things
(mummy strawberry look away now!)

Afternoon Tea


rather than splash out on a pricey restaurant, spoil your mum with her very own
classy homemade afternoon tea 
because what mum in her right mind doesn't love tea? 
and what makes tea better than a good old sweet treat!



while we're ariel and tinkerbell
mum is a big minnie mouse fan
so it's safe to say we know who we inherited our disney obsession from!
and like frozen is released on DVD on actual mothers day. 
it's for defo a sign.



fairies are real. no question.
celebrate them with these super cute goodies mums will love
we do believe in fairies!
we do! we do!

Fashion and Beauty


is there any girl out there who DOESN'T love clothes and makeup?
mums are no exception.
lately mummy strawberry has been loving
pinafores and leggings
and what better way to style them than with brogues and pink accessories

we hope your mummy loves whatever you get her!
just remember to get something.
no matter what she says.
you'll thank us later x
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