Thursday, 24 April 2014

Strawberry Interiors: Urbanara

since spring is the season of cleaning
we've decided to give Strawberry HQ a bit of a makeover
and being the classy fruits that we are
we absolutely LOVE hamptons chic 
so think distressed wood, pops of pastels and rustic furniture
handily we've found one cheeky website for all of our beachy interior needs:
every category had something to catch our eye meaning that
a few (perhaps a little more than a few) wish lists have been made. 
so before we give you an official tour of the sissy pad,
here's a few of our top goodies we couldn't help but share with you fellow strawberries 
(ps. the last category is guaranteed to make you squeal with satisfaction)

a hint of mint:


while we love all pastel colours 
there's just something a little extra beachy about mint
its pretty, its cool, it dominates the school
and by school we mean our house. mint is everywhere. it sees all.

wooden accessories:


slate is soooooo over
2014 is the year of the wooden accessory
and we just can not get enough of the natural vibe
but you don't have to keep it all in the kitchen
we suggest spreading the rustic love around the whole house

nautical wicker:


the most absolutely beachy items:
stripey towels, wicker furniture and anything with anchors
these are total
as in we must have them.
please :)



any shop with strawberry items deserves some sort of award
we'll take two of each
so does that mean matching rooms?
sister room snap!

we hope these wish lists have inspired you by even a grain of sand
lol because beaches are made from sand.
and the hamptons has beaches.
and our house is like the hamptons.
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