Tuesday 25 August 2015

Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Serious life advice.
When you come back from holiday especially a pretty amazing one
you're gonna get 'the blues'
we have complied this helpful, handy guide to beating those bad boys

STEP ONE: eat you favourite comfort food (in significant quantities)
we advise Shake Shack burgers twice daily to be taken with milkshakes


STEP TWO: go and see a feel good film
In our experience, Disney films work best


please combine the above with doughnuts, chocolate and sweets


STEP THREE: replace the hotel buffet with a delicious brunch
*please include pancakes for best results



STEP FOUR: make a pizza
our experience tells us pizza is the best medicine 


STEP FIVE: visit somewhere that reminds you of the sights and smells of holiday



if you still have 'the blues' go back to step one and repeat.
failing that, it's time to book another holiday
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