Saturday 10 October 2015

Balls & Company

balls and company.
pretty much what it says on the tin:
a meatball-centric foodie explosion.
yep - you read that right
a restaurant dedicated to the mighty meat (and sometimes meat-less) ball.


the low down
basically there's different sorts of balls you can order along with your choice of saucy sauce
and a bucket load of sides, geddit?


plus the interior is like rose gold
hashtag so 2015


we both went for a super scrummy rossini


a cup of fried parsnips was also plopped into the table
much to our excitement


just look at that face of pure joy right there


to start we ordered mac & cheese balls
let's just say we were pretty darn pleased with our decision


there's the slightest possibly that we went a teeeeeeeeeny bit overboard on balls


our choices were as follows:
salmon balls with b├ęchamel sauce
wagyu beef with b├ęchamel sauce 
quinoa balls with pesto


with a side of chunky chips and market greens 


after you've stuffed yourself with meatball goodness, what do you do?
order dessert, that's what!
we shared a cheesecake with some (pretty lethal) spun sugar 


we did not expect the food to be so darn scrummy!!!
balls & co you'll be seeing us again super soon x
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