Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Strawberry Snaps: May

we MAY have enjoyed may
(okay, so we definitely enjoyed may - that pun though)

it was the month when we went:
to the farm
to a brush lettering workshop
to sorrento
to Ivy Chelsea garden

it was the month when we bought:
more kylie lip kits
a press for champagne button

it was the month when we ate:

pics or it didn't happen.
pics below...


Bottomless brunch with the girls/#selfie/Farm fun with the little lambs/When you're 25 going on 5/Couldn't resist another order/Brush lettering workshop/Sunny London/BBQ with the gang/Uniform at Strawberry Sisters HQ


Lightinng candles with vogue matches obv/When you love Bob Bob Ricard/Yum/At it again/Sorrento/Sorrento/The best peach bellini/:):):)/Jolly holiday


Roller Disco/Bleecker St. Burger/Feel Unique Haul/Zara Haul/Spinach Pasta/Worthing/Monday Lunch/Kylie Cosmetics/Dungarees


Penguin selfies/Pizza East/Lunchtime/Practise makes perfect/Pizza Express/Sink/koko k/ skincare/summer makeup favs


swimming costume/ivy chelsea garden/vogue festival/notebook/plants/bath/wahaca/sorrento/swimsuit selfie

now that it's almost June 
it's TOTALLY time for the weather to be super cute, right?
oh and in case you're wondering
just because the month's over OUR PIZZA EATING ISN'T
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