Why did you call your blog the Strawberry Sisters? 
For our strawberry-coloured hair - and because, well, we're sisters!

Who are the Strawberry Sisters?
Emily and Beth, from London.

Is your hair natural? Are you really sisters?
Yes & yes!

When did you start blogging?
We started whilst we were on holiday in New York at the end of March 2012.

What camera do you use?
The photos in our first posts were taken using an iPhone, however we have since upgraded to a Canon 600D.

Who designed your blog?
The blog layout was designed by the lovely Dana of The Wonder Forest. All of the illustrations were drawn by us.

How would you describe your style?
Beth's daily style is laid-back casual, 'I've just thrown this on chic' meets fashion ballerina. Her go-to is a pair of high waisted patterned trousers with beach waves. Emily loves pretty, very girly fashion - cute patterns, Peter Pan collars & flouncy tutus - and is rarely seen without a hairband.

Do you share clothes?
Yes! Double the wardrobe, double the fun!

Are strawberries your favourite food?
We do love strawberries, however you may notice we love burgers a whole lot more!

What are your favourite travel destinations?
We love all things American, especially New York, Los Angeles and burgers... have we already mentioned them? Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is our favourite place in the world!

Do you have a YouTube channel?
Yes! You can watch our videos over at www.youtube.com/strawberrysissys

Can we collaborate?
Sure! We'd love to hear from you. Pop us an email or send us a message using our contact form.

How can I contact you? 
Feel free to email us about anything, from advertising to general questions, at strawberry.sisters@hotmail.com - we'll try and get back to you as soon as possible!

If you have a burning question, you can always find us on twitter
@emilyoregan @bethanyoregan

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